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The newest in 3D holographic technology as a stand-alone solution designed to outperform and outshine traditional display platforms. Create your own impressive and visually mesmerizing 3D holographic illusions to captivate and engage your audience. 

  • 12-Month Warranty
  • 5-Year Lifespan
  • Online Support and Assistance
  • IOS/Android App Control
  • WI-FI & Bluetooth for Audio
  • HD Video Quality
  • 3D & 2D Video and Image Projection
  • Light-Weight and Portable
  • High Visibility in Light and Darkness 

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The HDS Pro (25.5") features 4 blades lined with 960 bright LED lights able to display over 16 million different hues of vibrant color delivering exceptional video and image quality in stunning 3D detail. Having a wide range of customization options it is perfect for a variety of settings and purposes including retail store displays, point of sale fixtures, trade show exhibits, event displays, advertising campaigns and more. It is also an excellent choice for home entertainment, providing an unforgettable visual experience that will impress and delight your guests.


  • 12-Month Warranty + 5 Year Lifespan
  • Upload and Manage Content Easily With IOS/Android App
  • 3D Holographic Effects
  • Seamless HD Video Quality
  • Upload Regular Photo and Video Like Regular Screen Monitors
  • Bluetooth Connection to Speakers
  • Portable, Set Up Anywhere


  • 960 RGB LED Lights
  • 1600x960 Pixel Resolution
  • 25.5" Blade Length (Diameter)
  • Bluetooth for Audio
  • Wi-Fi App Control IOS/Android
  • Video Format: MP4, MOV, AVI
  • Image Format: PNG, JPG
  • 3D Video Format: MP4
  • 700 RPM Blade Rotation
  • 16GB SD Card Storage


What is it?

Holographic Display System (HDS) is an integrated system designed to outperform and outshine traditional display platforms. Producing vivid 3D images and video in real life that mesmerizes spectators and stops them in their tracks.

How does it work?

The HDS Pro works by using the principle of POV (Persistence of Vision). Persistence of vision is the phenomenon by which the brain continues to perceive an image for a brief period of time after the image has been removed. In our case the holographic illusion is created by the rapid movement of the blades and the precise, careful control of the timing of the LED lights.


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Our Reviews

We think its great advertising and gets a ton of views and comments. We have it mounted on our wall in our office and when we need to travel for events it is very easy to take it with us. The 3D work on our logo also looks amazing to have floating around in mid-air.

John S. (General Manager)

American Club Association

Alex is awesome to work with.  When I first met him, I knew that a partnership with Lumina is just what my company needed to take us to the next level. The 3D Fan that they make has been an instant hit and we’re trying to get it in all our franchises.  Alex is quick to respond to emails, calls, texts.  If there is every an issue (usually user error), he takes care of it right away.  You can not go wrong working with him and his company.

Brandon W. (Owner)

Complete Weddings and Events

I installed one of the HDS Pros from our ceiling in front of the entrance of my shop. I wasn't sure how it would look at first, but I am very happy how it turned out.  The 3D animation of our logo looks amazing and gets a lot of comments from customers when they come inside.

Adam J. (Owner)

Smoker's Choice

We decided to use the HDS Pro as an advertising tool for our business and it has been a great decision. The animation is very well done and it draws the attention of potential customers, who are always impressed by it. We are very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend it to other businesses."

Mike S. (Owner)

Turn Key Mobile Inc.

Very cool display. Put one up at my location with just the Imo's logo and some promotional deals and people really like it. I have personally witnessed people get the deals just because they saw it in on the 3D fan.

Steve K. (Owner)

Imo's Pizza

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