What file formats are supported?

Through app upload: mp4, mov, avi, png, jpg, gif

Through SD card upload: mp4, jpg

Do I have to be connected to the HDS fan for it to work?

No, after you have uploaded all the content you want displayed you do not have to be connected. Content will be played continuously in a loop in alphabetical order.

What is a holographic display system?

Holographic Display System (HDS) is an integrated system designed to outperform and outshine traditional display platforms. Producing vivid 3D images and video in real life that mesmerizes spectators and stops them in their tracks.

How does a holographic display work?

The HDS Pro works by using the principle of POV (Persistence of Vision). Persistence of vision is the phenomenon by which the brain continues to perceive an image for a brief period of time after the image has been removed. In our case the holographic illusion is created by the rapid movement of the blades and the precise, careful control of the timing of the LED lights.

How do I play audio?

To connect a Bluetooth speaker turn on the speaker and make sure it is searching to pair. Then, just plug in the HDS Pro and it will automatically pair.

What do I do if it stops working or some LED's are out?

If your HDS fan is not working properly please contact us or a representative and we will work with you to troubleshoot your problems. We also have a guaranteed 12-month warranty that we will replace any failed hardware immediately at no cost. 

What kind of content can I upload?

The HDS Pro supports all types of content. It will display regular 2D video and photo just like regular monitors. However it's main benefit is the ability to display 3D videos.

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