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Lumina started business in the beginning of 2022. We had a vision for two things: supply business to advertise with floating holograms for more creative appearances, and allow people just like us to display their interests and entertainment in something other than a screen or picture frame. All done while using our simple hologram fan paired with an easy to use app.

Today, Lumina Holographic Display Systems are offered all around the world. More and more businesses are adopting this new form of digital signage every day.

Lumina’s features to help with your creativity include an endless supply of free designs for entertainment, and ANY custom design or video you could dream of. You will never be bound to display your content on a boring screen any longer.


High Picture Quality

All HDS Fans are made with the best and brightest LED lights enabling superior picture quality.


Power Efficient Motor

High speed and power efficient motor provides mesmerizing 3D illusions.


Safe and Durable

Light weight LED blades and a dual core processors allows all HDS fans to stop instantly when obstructed to not cause harm.

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