How To Use 3D Holographic Fans To Advertise Your Product?

3D holographic fans can be used for multiple purposes, imagination is key for what you want the holograms for, for a home, you can create beautiful artwork and video play that will have your guests that come visit your home experience visual magic. Holograms can be designed to fit the consumer whether you like a multitude of things that can be displayed. A sneakerhead can display his favorite kicks and a sports player can show off his favorite player. Holograms will be the future of art and images and you can see from social media platforms like Tik Tok that the device has a large market and a desire to impress will always be there. The 3D fans have been used by small businesses to help market their product.

One of the great things that the 3D holographic fans lets you do is display products in a very creative way. You can design 3D designs that will help you advertise your product and instead of putting the image on a large display, you can create holographic illusions that will bring your product to life in a different and immersive way. Display multiple different designs that will make your product interesting and start to impress with the light shows that the fans produce. The 3D fans have LED lights that when rotating at a fast speed produce the visual effects that you see and that allows flexibility when creating your designs. 

There are multiple sizes of 3D holographic fans to fit your certain needs. You might want a setup on a table where the desktop version of the holographic fans comes into play because it was meant to stand on a flat surface like a table or counter space. The other larger display has a stand that can go on a flat surface, grass or gravel. As long as the ground is leveled out, you should be good to display your larger 3D holographic fan. Another benefit that the larger 3D display fan has is that you can mount the fan on the wall so you can have more walking clearance. You can mount multiple 3D holographic display fans to create a larger 3D design that is called a video wall.

A video wall can be used for large marketing events where you can start to create your own visual environment that can help you separate yourself from the competition. For certain markets, a video wall might be a good idea that will help with certain applications like concerts or movie events. You can start to create magic in the surroundings that your audience will experience and help with marketing those events to people that become interested. The 3D holographic fans might be just the thing that your business has been waiting for to help your idea come to life.


High Picture Quality

All HDS Fans are made with the best and brightest LED lights enabling superior picture quality.


Power Efficient Motor

High speed and power efficient motor provides mesmerizing 3D illusions.


Safe and Durable

Light weight LED blades and a dual core processors allows all HDS fans to stop instantly when obstructed to not cause harm.

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